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O&S Directors and Associates bring together over 15 years of consulting experiences in small and medium size businesses in the private-for-profit sector, private-for-non-profit civil society sector, public institutions both multilateral and bilateral, and Government institutions in Tanzania and abroad. O&S will assist its clients choose solutions that will better achieve the triple bottom line: Planet, People and Profits in any given context.It achieves this by providing advisory and management consultancy in the following core areas of expertise:-

1. Administration and Facilities Management and Development Policy Analysis.

Both domestic and international policies and regulatory environment are critical to the success of small and medium size enterprises, for profit as well as for non-profit objectives. We offer advisory services to bilateral, multilateral as well as Government institutions in policy analysis related to administration and facilities management development and financial services, international trade policy, private sector development policy, gender, environment and governance.

2. Institutional / Organizational Development.

O&S offers quality advice on how to organize your business, whether for profit making or otherwise, so that your organization is capable of being dynamic and responsive to the changing environmental, socioeconomic and political context. Our solutions are based on participatory diagnosis that we carry out with our clients.

03.01- Projects Development

Project development is a challenge to businesses in a developing country such as Tanzania as well as in the region, yet it is such an essential element of any organization’s growth. Every organization, at some point, will either apply for support and/or will evaluate someone’s application e.g. grant, loan, etc. Thus, it is important that every organization understands the project development process in design, implementation and evaluation. Our Consultants have extensive knowledge on the development and evaluation process of project proposals, e.g. the development of Concept Notes, Expressions of Interest(EOIs), adherence to Terms of Reference (TORs), writing and subsequently evaluating Proposals. More importantly, our team is equipped, patient, and creative to transfer this knowledge to our clients.

03.02- Projects Management.

We provide tailor-made solutions to management challenges, from organizational diagnostic review and analysis to strategic management planning for private-for-profit organizations, small and medium size businesses, as well as private-for-non- profit organizations i.e. Non-Governmental Organizations and Civil Societies.

03.03- Projects Monitoring and Evaluation.

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) is an important part of project management, it is a methodology used to track and measure whether goals are being achieved and if not,
identify constraints that need to be addressed to achieve intended objectives. Through project design and management, our Consultants have had extensive experience in the development and implementation of M&E systems. As with our policy design, focus is on practicality, coherence and clarity.

04.01- Asset Lifecycle Management.

Our team of real estate experts also offers asset lifecycle management services to ensure that our clients’ property portfolio is in alignment with a profitable business strategy. We do all the research and groundwork to provide well-informed assessments and projections that protect our client’s interests and objectives. Through our facility management, sustainability, maintenance, and general service contracts, our clients gain the highest level of service benchmarked to validate their operational performance.

04.02- Lease Management.

Our real estate expertise is further utilized in the leasing and lease management aspects of our client’s buildings. We apply our extensive knowledge of the real estate industry to ensure that our clients’ property portfolios are at maximum yielding positions with minimal costs of maintenance while achieving top quality of excellence in operations and structural integrity.

04.03- Services & Ground Maintenance.

With expert knowledge of the real estate industry, we are in the best position to offer consultation, advisory, and management services to our clients at the development and maintenance stages of their real estate assets. We coordinate project schedules for construction, development, and property management to ensure the feasibility of objectives. Our professionals ensure the long-term integrity of a property portfolio and minimize the risk of unbudgeted expenditure.
For projects involving post-construction maintenance and management, we deliver ground maintenance services as part of our integrated facility services. From maintaining pathways and street furniture to grounds keeping, and landscaping services, we ensure that our clients’ buildings create the
right first impression.

04.04- Hotel Management.

Beyond property management, our estate experts offer management and consultation services to our clients. We analyze hotel businesses and suitable properties to help our clients achieve optimal benefits from their real estate investments in the hotel sector. We provide advisory services for hotel management and operations. Our services ensure that our clients’ hotels are sustainable, profitable, and professional in operation.

05.01- Airport Facilities (Meet and Assist).

Meeting passenger(s) seeking the services and guidance at the entry gate. Collect documents, fill applications and start their entry process for immigration Collect all medical references (Vaccination and yellow fever certificates) to check and validate with concerned authority representative.
Accompany to the dedicated immigration counter for final security check and passport stamp. Collect luggage bar-codes to simultaneously provide the picking services at luggage belts. Cross checking the collected Luggage. Proceed to Fast-Track vehicles area for transportation to destination in city.

05.02- Bookings Services.

We manage the entire deployment process for our valued clients, ensuring seamless arrangements for their travel preferences. Our company provides flight booking services and assists in coordinating their busy schedules through air travel.

05.03- Tour Guide Services.

Considering the diverse landscapes of Tanzania, our company provides tour guide services to our valued clients. This includes guided site visits with informative narratives about the locations visited. These services are available nationwide, not just Dar Es Salaam.
The allocation of guides is based on the number of visitors for each trip: 1-10 visitors (1 tour guide), 10-20+ visitors (2 or more tour guides).

05.04- Immigration Services, Business Visa, Tourist Visa, Work Permits, And Resident Permits.

We handle the preparation of all necessary documents for permit and visa applications by collaborating with expatriate staff and assisting human resources departments to optimize departmental functions such as recruitment and related tasks. Additionally, we oversee the management of schedules and processes for visa, work, and residential permit applications, ensuring timely and thorough notifications in coordination with human resources departments. Our team addresses all client issues concerning visa and permit matters through strong relationships with the labor department and Immigration department, facilitating seamless application processes and negotiations.Moreover, we take on the responsibility of staff deployment, which includes flight ticket bookings, flight details, and passport preparation.
We also manage all aspects of visa renewals, cancellations and extensions.

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